Dilemmas: Final Draft

I think this would be my final draft. Based on feedback, I added slight more details to some scenes and fixed a few syntax errors in the game. I was happy to see the responses very contested, which shows that this is truly a dilemma and not something universal. For example, the choice of the doctor, people who decided to terminate the patient and then discovered the patient was a young boy, mostly went back and decided to do nothing. This shows that choices are not what they seem and can be very hard depending on the situation. The music was praised by literally everyone, so I will add more to it from the band and other similar bands. The genre is called Atmospheric Sludge Metal and Post-Metal. It is not the regular metal you see in the mainstream metal scene, but focuses more on deepness, emotions and depression.

Unfortunately, due to overload of courses and moving apartments I wasn’t free to add more scenarios in the game. I wished I added at least 3-4 more and expand on the endings more, create a real story to it, but didn’t have the time.

I learned to be more creative! This is definitely way better than writing an essay or a midterm. I can actually use the time to read other things while mixing them to what I want to create things like this game. It makes me more creative and able to link things together better, like how I linked Foucault’s Panopticon to moral dilemmas. Overall, if I had the opportunity to do this again, I would definitely do it!

What I would improve had I more time:

  • Add more scenarios and link them together to a huge conspiracy plot
  • Beef up the story a bit
  • Expand beyond morality



Saw The Movie Series

Altered Course by ISIS from the album “Panopticon”.
Weight by ISIS from the album “Oceanic”.
Low Tide by ISIS & Aereogramme from the album “In The Fishtank 14”.
Feedbacker pt.II by Boris from the album “Feedbacker”.

Discipline and Punish: The Birth of a Prison by Michel Foucault

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