Final Reflection

Final Reflection:

Finally writing this after being very late. But the finals were terrible as usual.

I’m going to be honest, at first I entered this course feeling like this is one of those CORE courses that you won’t really learn much. I entered this course because I needed 21 credits, so I needed to add a general CORE course. I pretty much stumbled on this class during registration, didn’t expect that much, as some CORE courses were unmemorable to me. What I didn’t expect is to communicate my inner self into this course, in a form of a blog. As usually professors would ask me to either write essays, be examined in midterms or finals and that’s really it. The memorable professors would just have in depth information and be able to express themselves clearly and I would enjoy listening to them. While some professors would allow myself to only express themselves in a certain limited domain (research paper of any topic etc etc.), but that doesn’t count, only makes the paper more fun for me, and my interactions of what is “fun” in the course is based on my interactions with the paper and some conferences with a professor.

But this course, it wasn’t like that at all, but the opposite, I had my own blog and I could do with it whatever I want. At the same time, the assignments and readings were based fully on what I think about them and not writing an objective view. Often I cannot do that, or its in a very formal form that my own view on the topic slightly more distorted, compared to here where I feel more free. So every time I write, I feel more free and I write more and more even when I don’t have time to write, its because this inner satisfaction that occurs amidst this chaos of a semester. So I just wanted to point that out before beginning on the actual points.

What I learned:

In terms of knowledge, to view more on internet neutrality and other topics with a critical view, especially with corporations, who often market themselves as being “woke” to land more profits. In terms of skill, to obviously Google Forms way more effectively and link things together that shouldn’t be linked, with more thinking out of the box for future academic and social life. I have a problem with the phrase “academic and social life”, as both are so intertwined they are impossible to separate. They are both very different, but very similar in the sense that both cannot exist but together. There is always an academic life that usually involves some interactions as sort. While academic life will not be present for eternity, but it will be replaced with something else that will always intertwine with your social life. Therefore, what I learned from this course will not just be put to the use in one certain area, but over many of the things I do, among them reading and analyzing different things as I have always been stated that I am critical and that’s a term I should live with now.

               If I were to show things what I learned, it would be Google forms (my game) especially), Soliya and the joining up page (along with my reflection). And the 6 games that were reflected on in the first part of the course.  

If I would change anything in this course, is that every class should be a circle where we discuss things. I would also want to see less videos (as I have always stated) and allow for debates. Something I did not see formally in this group. I think a lot of class mates spoke over each other (me included), so if we have a debate, I think we could easily solve this issue. Lastly, I would add more readings to show how some internet content (or general content) is blatant classist and how marketing tactics with divisions (especially for current IMC students), are often manipulative and support classism.

What kind of person should take this course: Someone who is very dogmatic, so he can end up being actually the opposite!

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